Ep. 6 – “Cast A Deadly Spell” (1991)

Straight from the dvd-rip library of Mark Alan Heiliger, comes the HBO classic(?) “Cast a Deadly Spell”, starring Fred Ward, Clancy Brown and a fresh-faced Julianne Moore.  This wacky film touches a handful of genres, including: fantasy, noir, action, comedy, horror(?) – too many, frankly, but that’s probably why it ended up on HBO instead of theaters.  This movie is produced by GALE ANNE HURD, right smack in the middle of her prime, btw, so yeah… not sure how Chad hadn’t ever heard of this one until now, but it’s worth a watch (or at least listen).  DIRECTED BY MARTIN CASINO ROYALE CAMPBELL.

Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)

Performers of note: Julianne Moore, Fred Ward, Clancy Brown, David Warner

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